Oliver Street Designs is a fine lighting company based in New York City offering neoclassical light fixtures and lampshades. The collection, while rooted in English tradition, marries design elements that are fresh yet timeless and fun yet functional. Fixtures are crafted from solid brass and offered in several finish options. Lampshades are hand-sewn with client's specified dimensions and material for a bespoke and custom product.


Launched in 2016 by Fleming James, the inspiration for the line was born from a childhood fascination with her mother's Bouillotte Lamp, an 18th Century French lamp with a metal shade that functioned by lowering as the wick burned down. This image stuck with her spawning the first prototype. After working in interiors for a number of years, she decided to produce her own collection of fixtures for the new wave of traditionalists. Oliver Street Designs has quickly become a go-to option for designers' lighting needs and seeks to become a mainstay in the trade community and a line that will stand the test of time. 





The Oliver Street Designs collection is offered directly through the OSD office newly located in

Richmond, VA. For clients in the Southwest region please direct your queries to James Showroom. 



Richmond, VA

401 Libbie Avenue

Richmond, VA 23226

+ 804 394 8033



Dallas, TX

James Showroom

1025 N. Stemmons Fwy. #210

Dallas, TX 75207

+ 214 295 7500



Austin, TX

James Showroom

1411 W. 6th Street
Austin, TX 78703
+ 512 236 1006